1. The 55 Commits Syndrome

    Earlier this year, I’ve spent a sprint of two weeks in the BBC Responsive News team, learning from their experience and tinkering with my knowledge.

    One day, I started working on a Pull Request, implemented tests and the missing features in a couple of days and… it got refused. 55 commits trashed in a click.

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  2. Collaborative Website as an Archive

    The 15th of October 2002, I transferred a PHP/MySQL website via FTP. On the first domain name I ever bought.

    The 14th of October 2013, I committed 17 000 files on a gh-pages branch. After 7 years of work in progress.

    Wait. 7 years?

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  3. LXJS 2013 Wrap-Up

    LXJS 2013 is the second edition of English conference located in Lisbon, Portugal. LXJS is an all-inclusive single track JavaScript conference spanned on two days.

    To keep things short, this wrap up will be a one sentence summary per enlightening session.

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  4. Live Development of a Bower Component

    You created a Bower component to make your frontend code reusable. You release new updates and you are happy.

    You also have Web software project. You release new updates and you are happy.

    At some point, you would like to develop your Bower component within the Web project, and release both of them independently and only after the feature is complete.

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  5. A Customized Chrome Extension Icon For Your Dev Version

    When developping a Chrome Extension, it is a common pattern to have both installed your development version alongside the production version; the one provided by the Chrome Web Store or your Auto Update server.

    The problem is they have the same icon. Which makes our life complicated when it is about clicking on the good extension icon.

    Here is how I solved the problem.

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  6. Every Day Is A Brand New Place

    C’est peu ou prou le discours tenu par un vagabond à Donald Draper dans la première saison de Mad Men. C’est son mantra. Cette rencontre changea à jamais la vie de ce petit garçon même s’il ne s’en souvint que bien plus tard, lorsqu’il voulut à nouveau fuir une vie qui lui réussit mais dans laquelle il ne se sentirait plus jamais à sa place. Continue reading

  7. 2013 sera Vérité

    L’année débute tout juste. La fatigue du réveillon n’éclipse pas l’envie de prendre la plume pour dresser un bilan et orienter le regard vers l’avenir, vers demain.

    Il se sera passé beaucoup de choses en 2012. Beaucoup de joie. Beaucoup d’énergie. Beaucoup de souffrance aussi, les dernières semaines.

    2013 sera vérité : la révolution extérieure, la consolidation et le collectif.

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