1. Back (from|to) Paris Web 2014

    It has been 2 years since I last attended the Paris Web conference. Meanwhile, I traveled and spoke to a fair amount of European conferences, either technical, creative or inspirational.

    So what have I brought back from Paris to London?

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  2. Self-contained Node.js scripts

    Deploying Node applications should be a straightforward task. For some reasons, you can read here and there that additional dependencies need to be installed globally.

    Which is generally very rarely needed.

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  3. Why our startup failed

    One would never expect their startup to fail 6 months after having raised half a million euros from public investors. It eventually happened to me, as the CTO of Dijiwan, a former digital marketing startup based in Bordeaux, France.

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  4. Future — The Plan

    When we think about it, it takes quite a time to figure out obvious things such as where we come from, who we really are and why we are acting that way.

    Then, how can we reuse all that knowledge about our own self to make plans for the future?

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  5. Present — Self-awareness Thirties

    I always considered that turning thirty years old would be just a symbolic change. Two beautiful digits and nothing more. A simple continuity.

    For some reason, it appears to be both a keystone in one’s life and an excellent moment to bounce. But where? And why?

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