1. Venice

    First trip in Italy. First holidays together. And a second New Year’s Eve spent by the water — this time not quite as quiet.

  2. One day in Calais

    I felt it became necessary to go beyond the mass media depiction of the Calais refugees camp. So my friend Basile and I packed our bags and booked a carpooling.

  3. San Francisco

    I loved San Francisco and it has been a big surprise to me: it is like London by the Pacific, more hilly and enjoyable by foot, bike or bus.

  4. Oregon

    A region balanced between the moist of the Pacific and the dryness of the desert… not to mention the Cascades and its volcanic chain as well as its hip city, Portland!

  5. Crossness

    Crossness pumping station is a jewel of Victorian architecture. It will take you half the duration of a Eurostar journey to reach it by public transportations.

  6. Estonia

    A friend of mine recommended me Estonia for its hiking trails. I thought it would be nice to spend my 33rd birthday in a tent pitched in the forest.

  7. Ferme du Bec‑Hellouin

    This farm is a pioneer of permaculture in France. This is where I got to learn the theory and practice of these environment and human friendly principles.