Thomas Parisot is my full name and people often call me Tom. Hence my long lasting nickname — Oncle Tom — a friendly pun to our digital slavery.

I am a Frenchman in London dtc innovation co-op co-founder and Senior web engineer, volunteer at Organic Lea farm and bread maker apprentice.

I used to work at BBC R&D and to co-organise and curate the Sud Web event.

Overall, I use web technologies to prototype, to empower and to design for great user experiences and for a better civic society.


I highly believe in openness, craftsmanship and sustainability.

Through my acts, I do not want to create more unbalance or to leave a debt behind me.

Hence I will do my best to favour non-profit, ethical or greater good organisations.

Professional experience

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in the web industry through various roles and responsibilities:

Can we get in touch?

Maybe we will meet in the Underground by chance (although now I cycle to work). Maybe we will meet in an exhibition somewhere in Europe. Maybe we will meet in a backpacker hostel somewhere in the World.

Or maybe we will simply start with an email 😊

We can definitely break the ice around a glass of wine, a cup of tea or a nice meal.