I deleted my Facebook account one year ago

I “permanently” deleted my Facebook account right before attending 2014 New Year’s Eve party. A few minutes after, I realised I have had not written down the address of the venue and faced a sad reality: I delegated too much of my everyday life to one single actor. Unconsciously. Gradually. And a bit by denial.

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Technical debt book foreword

I recently wrote the foreword of a French book about technical debt. This is true we have to deal with it every day although it is easy to forget about it too.

I will walk you through why I have been up to writing this foreword, when the first seed of it has been planted and well, you can now read the foreword in English.

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Four days a week

This year, I have not asked for a pay rise: I have asked to work less. Here are the reasons why and what are my plans to use this extra day of freedom.

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