HTTP to HTTP with bash, curl and jq

Mapping an interface to another one and chaining the dots altogether are systematic needs in data processing. We end up writing loads of lines of code just to map and transfer these data.

Hopefully it becomes a fairly easy goal to achieve with a handful combination of curl, jq and bash operators.

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I deleted my Facebook account one year ago

I “permanently” deleted my Facebook account right before attending 2014 New Year’s Eve party. A few minutes after, I realised I have had not written down the address of the venue and faced a sad reality: I delegated too much of my everyday life to one single actor. Unconsciously. Gradually. And a bit by denial.

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Technical debt book foreword

I recently wrote the foreword of a French book about technical debt. This is true we have to deal with it every day although it is easy to forget about it too.

I will walk you through why I have been up to writing this foreword, when the first seed of it has been planted and well, you can now read the foreword in English.

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