A selection of my favourite podcasts

I have been late in the game: I started to listen to podcasts only since summer 2014.

Since then, I (re)discovered and reinvented my relationship with the radiophonic medium and found a new way to learn and wander at the same time.

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  1. 69 months of Sud Web

    What is better than 50 shades of Grey? 69 months of conference organisation. Almost 6 years!

    Why leaving while being one of the founding members? And what did I learn throughout our yearly iterations? This is what we will focus on.

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  2. HTTP to HTTP with bash, curl and jq

    Mapping an interface to another one and chaining the dots altogether are systematic needs in data processing. We end up writing loads of lines of code just to map and transfer these data.

    Hopefully it becomes a fairly easy goal to achieve with a handful combination of curl, jq and bash operators.

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