1. Living without a home for 15 weeks

    These days people ask me “where are you at the moment?” rather than “what are you up to?” and for a good reason: I have not had a home since January 2017 (up until April).

    This experience helped me tame something I have feared for a while: living without a home and an income but with a 30 litres backpack.

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  2. Bye Bye Chaps

    My last day at the BBC as an employee is December 31st 2016. I handed my resignation letter on September 13th and thought I would share a few artifacts of my resignation.

    For the readers and for my future self.

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  3. npm-based release workflow

    Releasing a package to the npm registry can be error prone. It involves git tagging, to update a CHANGELOG file, to compile assets, to version bump etc.

    Plus, it can happen multiple times a week and the process must be shared with all the project collaborators.

    We will explore how to proceed, by relying solely on the npm command.

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  4. A selection of my favourite podcasts

    I have been late in the game: I started to listen to podcasts only since summer 2014.

    Since then, I (re)discovered and reinvented my relationship with the radiophonic medium and found a new way to learn and wander at the same time.

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