Trees, travel and postcards

I liked to send you postcards. To make them. And to send you printed photographs as well.

I am glad a printed fraction of time can provide a glimpse of a presence.

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Two years of Britishness

I landed at the London City Airport on the 1st March 2013, at the dawn of my thirty years old birthday, with a one year contract at the BBC in my pocket.

Since then, I accumulated two years of the experience of living abroad. And learnt more about where I come from, what I aim at and who I am… eventually.

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Downscaling: phase 3

While everything is about scaling up and doing more, I initiated years ago a trend to remove material dependencies from my daily life.

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Docker and encoding (bis)

Have you ever faced encoding issues in some Ruby code — eventually ran inside a Docker container? It is painful and on the other hand it is easy to fix when you know what to do.

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